Every year, Dr. Zenn of Zenn Plastic Surgery meets with many women desiring a breast lift. These potential plastic surgery candidates have experienced breast sagging and skin laxity either due to significant weight changes, pregnancy or the natural aging process. Desiring breasts that are perkier and more youthful-looking, these women seek out Dr. Zenn for his reputation as “the breast expert” in the Raleigh, NC. He has earned this reputation from his 20+ years of experience performing breast lifts and delivering realistic looking, natural results to his patients.

During their initial consultation with Dr. Zenn, many women desiring a breast lift inquire about the potential scarring that they will be left with after their procedure. For some, the fear of noticeable scars prevents women from ever having breast surgery.  Dr. Zenn believes that patient education is critical to a successful outcome and realistic expectation from breast lift surgery. Dr. Zenn is well versed in all the techniques of Breast Lift and will tailor your surgery to your specific anatomy. He will show you photos of his patients who had similar surgery so you can evaluate the scars for yourself and see if they are right for you.

There are four general types of breast lift incisions and resultant scars:

The Crescent Lift The Donut Lift The Lollipop Lift The Anchor Lift

Each of these incision types has its own benefits and drawbacks. Scars will always be present after surgery but do fade overtime. Scars will only be seen by others when naked and well hidden in a bra or swimsuit top. Although the nipple position will be lifted, the nipple is never actually removed from the breast. The scars are a result of removing the extra skin only.

The Crescent Breast Lift

The crescent breast lift gets its name because it removes a cresent shape of skin above the areola and the resulting scar is only present around the top curve of the areola. With a crescent lift, the nipple-areola complex is lifted a only a few centimeters so this technique is only used in cases of minimal drooping. The scar is nice as it is disguised somewhat by the natural coloration changes between the breast areola and the breast skin.

The Donut Lift

The donut lift is another popular breast lift incision type for women desiring minimal scarring. With this procedure, a periareolar incision is made, that is, an incision around the entire areola, from which Dr. Zenn works his magic and lifts the breast. A more invasive incision than a crescent breast lift, the donut lift allows for more breast lifting to be performed. Just like with the crescent breast lift, the natural coloration changes between the areola and breast mound help to disguise the scarring left from this procedure.

The Lollipop Lift

The lollipop lift, which is also known as a vertical lift is required when there is excess skin making the breast appear wide and some skin must be removed in the vertical direction to give a nice shape to the breast. The scar is one of the nicest on the breast and patients gladly trade it for a more lifted, youthful breast.

The Anchor Lift

The anchor lift leaves a scar that looks like an “anchor” with both a vertical and a horizontal component. This is required when a breast has both excessive vertical and horizontal skin excess and the scar results from its removal. This is often the case in breast reduction surgery, which also lifts the breast as well as reducing its size.

Which Breast Lift Incision Is Right for Me?

Every woman’s degree of breast sagging and skin laxity is different, and therefore, the available incision types for her are going to be unique, too. Sadly, many plastic surgeons only perform anchor scars when lifting a breast and Dr. Zenn feels that adds unnescessary scars for many patients and deprives them of a beautiful breast shape. That’s why Dr. Zenn stresses the importance of an initial consultation with him, during which you’ll discuss your scar preferences, and desired results. This information, combined with an examination of your breasts, will allow Dr. Zenn to determine what is possible and which he recommends as the best incision type for your unique case.

Schedule an Initial Consultation Today

If you’re ready to regain shapely and beautiful breasts, schedule a breast lift consultation with the expert. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Zenn today at (919) 480-3885.

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