Get Rid Of Stubborn Lines & Wrinkles

Have you noticed lines and wrinkles that remain visible on your face, even when you aren’t expressing anything? As we age, repeated facial movements like laughing, smiling, and frowning cause the activated muscles to remain in a semi-permanent state of contraction. The overlying skin also creases and folds, resulting in deep lines and wrinkles that become etched in the face. Injectable muscle relaxers can help solve this problem.

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What Are Muscle Relaxers, And How Do They Work?

Most people have heard of BOTOX by now, but not many understand how it works.

BOTOX is a neuromodulator, which is a chemical that inhibits messages that nerve cells send to muscles, directing them to contract. When the muscle fails to receive this direction, it remains in a temporary state of relaxation.

BOTOX and other neuromodulators like Jeaveau, Dysport, and Xeomin are FDA-approved to treat deep lines and wrinkles in the face, and are completely safe to use. Each muscle relaxer has its own unique formula, though they all share the common active ingredient of botulinum toxin type A. At Zenn Plastic Surgery, our Master Injector Tara Cypher RN, MSN, CANS, is well-versed in all the neuromodulators we offer, though BOTOX is used in most cases.

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What Is Treatment With A Wrinkle Relaxer Like?

At Zenn Plastic Surgery in Raleigh, North Carolina, a consultation with our Advanced Nurse Injector Tara Cypher, RN, MSN, CANS, is the first step towards smooth skin. Tara listens with care and attention as you share what bothers you about your face and your aesthetic goals. Then she conducts a thorough examination of your face and review of your medical history. With all this information, Tara creates a personalized beauty plan suited to your needs and lifestyle. During the actual treatment session, Tara applies a topical numbing agent before using a very thin needle to carefully administer a pre-measured amount of wrinkle relaxer into the target muscles. Next, she gently massages the treatment area to ensure even disbursement of product. The whole session takes less than 30 minutes, and patients are free to resume their normal activities right after.

Do Wrinkle-Relaxers Require Downtime?

Zenn Plastic Surgery patients love that they can experience facial rejuvenation without disrupting their lives. Some of Tara’s patients even schedule their BOTOX injections during their lunch periods and go back to work right after. After a treatment session, mild bruising, swelling, and redness are normal but subside over the next few days.

Though injectable wrinkle treatments do not require time off work, there are a few post-treatment instructions that Tara asks patients to follow for 24 hours afterward. Environments with excessive heat should be avoided, including saunas, hot tubs, and tanning beds. There should be no pressure applied to the treatment area, and strenuous exercise should be postponed for a few days.

Experience Is Key For Beautiful Results

Advanced Nurse Injector Tara Cypher, RN, MSN, CANS, came to Zenn Plastic Surgery with 20 years of experience in the field of medical aesthetics. Tara earned her Master of Science in Nursing at Duke University and has a deep knowledge of facial anatomy. Her years of practice have helped her develop the discernment necessary to know how much product to use on a patient, and the precise areas to administer treatment that will enhance a patient’s existing attractive qualities. With Tara, results are always beautiful and natural-looking.

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A Wrinkle-Free Face Can Be Yours

At Zenn Plastic Surgery in Raleigh, North Carolina, Master Injector Tara Cypher RN, MSN, CANS, delivers high-end treatment in an approachable, down-to-earth manner. She has a consistent track record of great results that spans decades, and enjoys a roster of repeat patients and their referrals. To learn how you can rejuvenate your face, contact Zenn Plastic Surgery today to schedule your consultation with Tara.  

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