When Two Is Better Than One

At Zenn Plastic Surgery in Raleigh, North Carolina, Dr. Zenn sometimes sees patients who come in for one procedure but could actually benefit from a combination approach to achieve their aesthetic goals. Combining multiple procedures into one surgery is fairly common. When a surgeon is able to perform multiple aesthetic corrections at once, the patient only needs one recovery period and has no need to return for multiple surgeries. Additionally, multiple procedures in one is a great cost-saving measure since the patient only needs to account for one set of surgical fees.

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Dr. Zenn Is The Most Accomplished Plastic Surgeon In The Triangle

For nearly 30 years, Dr. Zenn has focused on quality plastic surgery. He has studied, researched, and worked at many Ivy League and other top-tier medical institutions, including the Duke University Medical Center and The University of North Carolina Hospitals in Chapel Hill. Dr. Zenn’s drive and commitment to excellence have garnered him an international reputation for excellence. 

Zenn Plastic Surgery has been named one of the three top plastic surgery practices in the Raleigh area for three consecutive years, and Dr. Zenn himself has been awarded many prestigious honors, such as being named one of Newsweek’s top doctors and earning the peer-led recognition of Top Cosmetic Doctor and Top Cancer Specialist by Castle Connolly.

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Reasons To Pursue A Combination Procedure

When undergoing multiple procedures at once, patients save time and money. Below are other reasons to consider combining procedures. 

  • You will undergo anesthesia only once
  • Only one recovery period is necessary 
  • Less expensive than having each procedure separately
  • Very safe and routine to perform more than one procedure at the same surgery
  • Reach desired aesthetic change sooner

Breast AugmentationAnd Breast Lift

A breast augmentation and breast lift are often paired together and for good reason. For some patients, increasing breast volume alone will not achieve the look they want. A breast lift is needed to reshape and lift the tissue so their breasts are balanced, symmetrical, and seamlessly integrated with the rest of their features. Through decades of specialized practice, Dr. Zenn has the discernment to know when a patient would benefit from a combination of both a breast lift and augmentation. While less experienced surgeons require two separate surgeries, Dr. Zenn routinely performs both in one procedure with exceptional results.

The Mommy Makeover

Many patients request a mommy makeover to address a bulging tummy and sagging breasts, often brought on by pregnancy and breastfeeding. However, the combination procedures, an abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) and breast augmentation, are not limited to those who have given birth. Often age or genetics will drive patients to seek this powerful two-in-one surgery.

The Consultation Process

Each new patient meets with Dr. Zenn for an in-depth consultation as the very first step in their plastic surgery journey. Dr. Zenn believes that it is important to educate the patient as much as possible, and spends as much time as necessary to answer any questions they have about their desired procedures.  At Zenn Plastic Surgery, it is extremely important that each patient feel excited about their procedure and confident in their choice of surgeon. To learn more about if a combination procedure is right for you, schedule a consultation with Dr. Zenn by contacting Zenn Plastic Surgery today.

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