You Have Power Over Your Breast Size

Breast augmentations and breast reduction surgery are two extremely common procedures that allow patients to achieve the look and feel they want. For those with heavy or overly-large breasts, a breast reduction can relieve years of chronic pain and make all types of clothing more accessible and affordable. For others who have often wished for bigger breasts, a breast augmentation can add the self-confidence and sex appeal they’ve long wanted. At Zenn Plastic Surgery, in Raleigh, North Carolina, patients can be confident they will receive the absolute best patient care and surgical results possible in the Triangle.

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An Unparalleled Expertise In Breast Procedures

Dr. Zenn has studied, worked, researched, and taught in the area of complex breast surgeries for over two decades at various Ivy League institutions and prominent settings like The University of North Carolina Hospitals in Chapel Hill and the Duke University Medical Center. Dr. Zenn’s level of experience and technical knowledge are unsurpassed in the Raleigh area. In addition to his considerable subject knowledge, Dr. Zenn is known for a calm and friendly bedside manner that immediately puts his patients at ease. At Zenn Plastic Surgery, Dr. Zenn has established a reputation for delivering high-end patient care and surgical results with a warm and inviting approach. 

Breast Reductions For Function And Aesthetics

Due to genetics or weight, some people have large and heavy breasts that cause back, neck, and shoulder pain. Oversized breasts require specialty bras that can be expensive and hard to source, and clothing often fits poorly. Many with big breasts are very self-conscious about the unwanted attention their breasts attract. Breast reductions are a safe way to reduce the size and weight of the breasts and contour them into a pleasing shape. Dr. Zenn is an expert in the field of breast surgery and has the skills and experience necessary to create beautiful breasts that are an asset rather than a hindrance. 

Natural-Looking Breast Enhancement

Dr. Zenn is known for using fat-grafting, breast implants, and other specialty techniques to create breasts that look realistic and blend harmoniously with the rest of the body. His goal is to ensure that any breasts he works on look great both in and out of clothing. Dr. Zenn uses his nearly 30 years of experience in breast procedures to discern the appropriate implant type and size that will allow a patient to reach their aesthetic goals. Dr. Zenn is laser-focused on patient safety while optimizing aesthetics, and employs certain modalities to ensure there is as little risk, scarring, and post-operative discomfort for the patient as possible.

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What Happens During The Consultation?

The first step in any journey to changing breast size is a consultation with Dr. Zenn. During this one-on-one time, Dr. Zenn will carefully listen to your goals, concerns, and aesthetic ideals. He will take as much time as needed to answer all your questions, and even supply you with information that you may not have known to ask for.  Dr. Zenn will also show you before and after pictures so you can get a sense of actual results on patients who have a similar body type to yours. Dr. Zenn will conduct an examination and a thorough review of your medical history as well before formulating a surgical plan tailored to your needs. To schedule your consultation with Dr. Zenn about changing the size of your breasts, call Zenn Plastic Surgery today.

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