What Can Vollure Treat?

Vollure treats areas similar to that of Voluma®, which include around the nose and mouth to lessen moderate to severe folds and lines. Zenn Plastic Surgery’s aesthetics nurse specialist Tara Cypher, RN, MSN, CANS, injects the Vollure deep into the nasolabial fold tissues, where it smooths wrinkles by adding volume immediately. Thanks to Tara’s injection expertise, patients enjoy subtle but transforming benefits from our injectables in Raleigh.

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An Advanced Dermal Filler

Juvederm Vollure is a recent addition to the Juvederm line of dermal fillers. Similar to sister Juvederm products, Vollure contains hyaluronic acid (HA), a naturally occurring compound in the body. Non-surgical treatments using Vollure can last up to 18 months, much longer than most other dermal fillers. Vollure utilizes the new Vycross technology, which makes this type of facial filler more malleable. Vycross enables your Zenn Plastic Surgery’s Advanced Nurse injectable specialist, Tara Cypher, RN, MSN, CANS, to contour the area.

What Does Vollure Contain?

This advanced dermal filler includes a small dose of lidocaine in its formulation. Lidocaine anesthetizes the area during injection and improves patient comfort. Hyaluronic acid (HA) is the main active ingredient in Vollure. HA is naturally produced by the body and it serves a number of purposes, including hydrating the skin, acting as a cushioning agent, and delivering nutrients to the area.

Choose Experience Every Time

Master Injector Tara Cypher, RN, MSN, CANS, conducts a consultation with each patient to help them understand the benefits of Vollure and if it is appropriate for their needs.

When you come to Zenn Plastic Surgery for injectables in Raleigh, you can rest assured that you are in the hands of one of the best dermal injection specialists in the Raleigh Triangle area.

Tara has over 20 years of experience working with aesthetic fillers. She is an expert in dermal fillers and uses her knowledge to create a custom treatment plan to meet each patient’s needs.

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Is Vollure Right For Me?

Almost all adults can benefit from Vollure filler, with some exceptions:

  • Patients with severe allergies and past anaphylaxis
  • Those suffering from multiple severe allergies
  • People with lidocaine or gram-positive bacterial proteins allergy
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What Areas Does Vollure Treat?

This particular filler proves most effective in the mid-face to lower-face region for smoothing wrinkles and folds. This area includes the nasolabial folds, those parentheses around the mouth. However, Tara can also use the injectable on perioral lines, chin, jawline, lips, and temples. 

Does Treatment Hurt?

You may experience slight discomfort during your injections of Juvederm Vollure, but this is rare.

Topical anesthetic numbs the area before injection, and Vollure itself contains its own numbing agent that reduces potential discomfort.

You may feel slight pressure during treatment with a feeling of heaviness. Some patients hear the normal sounds of popping or crunching during the injection.

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How Much Time Does Each Treatment Take? 

Treatment is very brief, usually just taking from 15 minutes to an hour to provide you with a more youthful and refreshed face. Topical anesthesia application may add an additional 20 to 45 minutes to your appointment time.

Rejuvenate Your Face Today

There is no substitute for feeling confident in the way you look. At Zenn Plastic Surgery in Raleigh, North Carolina, Master Injector Tara Cypher RN, MSN, CANS, loves seeing how the results of a Vollure treatment can transform a patient into a more vibrant and youthful version of themselves. Tara has over 20 years of experience and a reputation for consistently excellent results. To schedule a consultation with Tara, contact our office today.

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