Many individuals notice signs of aging in their jawline and neck areas as they progress toward middle age. This can be corrected with a lower rhytidectomy, neck lift, and other beautifying cosmetic surgeries. 

Common Signs that Could Indicate Aging On the Neck

These age tattle-tale signs could be increased wrinkling of the neck skin, development of a double chin, excess fat tissue accumulation, or simply more loose skin folds that give the neck a turkey-like wattle or the appearance of those not-so-jovial jawline jowls that sag downward making the person look older with less neck/jaw area skin tone. These common neck area issues can be dramatically improved with cosmetic surgery. More specifically, a lower rhytidectomy or a necklift is frequently done in combination with a facelift procedure. This procedure is successful in tightening loose skin in the neck region.

The Meaning of the Greek Word Rhytidectomy

Many medical terms are based on Greek words because early doctors living in ancient Greece or a nearby country influenced by Greek culture first studied and practiced much of our modern-day medical knowledge. The term "rhytidectomy" comes from the Greek root word "rhytids," which loosely conveys the word wrinkles. Next, add the phrase "ketone" or excision. This word means the surgical excision of facial wrinkles. And, of course, we know this facial procedure today as a facelift.

Then, we add lower to rhytidectomy and combine the meaning of the terms to give us a lower facelift. Most plastic surgeons understand this refers to lower facial structures like the jawbone and neck area.

Can a Necklift Fix Neck Muscle Banding?

It is common for people to notice a considerable amount of loose skin folds and even the development of a banded type of appearance in the neck region as they age. A plastic surgeon might suggest a "platysmaplasty," a more extensive surgical procedure to remedy this issue. This particular procedure tightens the neck muscles, which can substantially improve the appearance of vertical neck bands, making the person look younger. During this procedure, the surgeon smooths and pulls the bands into a more natural position, removing excess skin and/or fat tissue as well.

Can I have a Neck Lift Simultaneously With Other Facial Procedures?

Yes! Many board-certified plastic surgeons often combine a standard neck lift procedure with other facial surgeries. Procedures such as brow lifts, forehead lifts, and eyelid lifts are commonly performed with neck lift surgery. Additionally, several effective facial/neck region non-surgical cosmetic treatments diminish the signs of aging all over the body. Those treatments include ones to treat a double chin, like Kybella, laser therapy, or other treatment to tighten facial skin tone, or dermal fillers used to plump up the skin to hide deeper creases and skin folds in the neck and facial areas.

How Long Should Lower Rhytidectomy Results Last?

Following a lower rhytidectomy, patients should expect to keep their rejuvenating results for many years. Quite possibly even decades, depending on various factors. These factors include the exact procedure, the surgeon, the patient's genetic history, age, and environmental exposure to sun, smoke, and toxins. Plastic surgeons give their patients postoperative instructions to abide by to maintain their impressive results longer. These may include simple neck/facial area yoga stretch exercises, keeping weight down, and limiting exposure of the treated area to the harsh effects of outside sunlight, smog, airborne chemicals, and other detrimental factors.

Is There Anything That a Lower Rhytidectomy Can't Fix?

These days, cosmetic surgeries and treatments can achieve incredible results; however, patients should know what this surgery can't fix. This procedure won't change your natural looks. Nonetheless, it can give you a better and more youthful appearance of your usual self. Alas, no cosmetic surgery can STOP the aging process.

Who Are the Best Candidates for This Surgery?

It's essential to consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon for any surgical cosmetic surgery procedure. Even more preferably, a cosmetic surgeon familiar with facial/neck area surgeries. 

Some prospective patients might benefit more from additional cosmetic procedures and treatments performed simultaneously with their lower rhytidectomy. Others might be able to hold off opting for a less invasive option.

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