Dr. Zenn's philosophy when approaching facial plastic surgery is to provide each patient with subtle, natural-looking results. After surgery, it's critical that you still look like you, just younger and more rested. Many patients remark after surgery that no one noticed that they had a facelift – yet their before and after pictures are dramatically improved. And this is just the way they like it!

What Are The Signs Of Poorly Done Facelifts?

Windblown Look: This is caused when the surgeon stretches the facial skin beyond a natural point, resulting in the face appearing too tight, pulled back, and unnatural. 

Visible Scars: Poor technique could lead to visible scars near the hairline or the ear, which can be hard to cover with makeup. 

Pixie Ears: Caused when the surgeon creates too much traction on the skin without properly anchoring underlying structures. This causes the soft, rounded earlobes to be pulled down and disappear into the cheek. 

Unnatural Wrinkle Lines in the Face: these lines occur when facial skin is pulled in a way that changes the direction of the wrinkles, making them look weird and unnatural. This is a common mistake that an inexperienced surgeon makes and is hard to correct.

What Leads To Bad Facelifts?

There are many reasons why facelifts can lead to a fake or "overdone" appearance:

Poor technique: When choosing a plastic surgeon to perform your facelift, check their credentials and ensure this is a significant part of their daily practice. While all board-certified plastic surgeons train to perform facelifts during residency, it is a complicated procedure, so numbers of cases and experience matters greatly. 

Additionally, many surgeons claim to be board-certified but not necessarily by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. And they may carry affiliations with organizations related to cosmetic surgery but not the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons. The number of unrecognized boards and organizations often confuses the consumer. Some celebrities have poor results because they didn't choose a surgeon board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Sometimes people get caught up in the marketing - magazine "Best of" polls, social media, etc. Don't be afraid to ask your prospective surgeon the hard questions. Make sure they are qualified to perform your procedure. It’s your FACE!

Performing a Facelift When the Patient is Not a Good Candidate: Another reason some men and women end up with terrible facelift results is that their surgeon chooses to perform a facelift instead of the necessary procedure to address the patient's concerns. A very experienced surgeon will know what a facelift can and cannot correct. It takes an experienced and honest surgeon to explain this to a patient demanding a facelift.

The Zenn Approach To Facelifts

Facelifts are delicate procedures involving critical structures, including essential muscles, nerves, and blood vessels. Dr. Zenn is uniquely trained in this procedure. Through his world-class training and decades of experience, he has an intimate knowledge of the anatomy of the face and what can be done to improve one’s appearance.

To create a smooth, youthful appearance, Dr. Zenn will:

  • Lift and reposition the underlying facial support structures that have sagged over time. 
  • Take small amounts of fat from usually the hips and use it to restore youthful fullness to facial features. 
  • Avoid an unnatural-looking "windblown" effect by gently re-draping the skin over this new volume and structure – and not rely on simply pulling the skin as so many surgeons often do.

The combination of techniques Dr. Zenn utilizes when performing facelifts gives his patients more youthful contours without totally changing the way they look. Elevating the supporting structures of the lower face also aids in providing patients with a more defined neck and jawline, a key to a youthful look. 

Dr. Zenn approaches every facelift procedure on an individual basis. This, of course, means he develops each treatment plan around the specific needs and anatomy  of each of his patients. No two scenarios are ever the same.

To learn more about Dr. Zenn, his team, and facelifts, call his office today at (919) 480-3885.

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