Many individuals decide to undergo a facial cosmetic surgeries to lesson the impact of aging.  Environmental skin exposure of the delicate facial region plays a large role in the aging process. In addition, there’re several effective facial cosmetic surgeries that can occur at the same time as a facelift. As well, they can also be a stand alone cosmetic procedure. A leading Raleigh plastic surgeon explains what a facelift can accomplish.  And also, gives informative details on other complementary cosmetic facial procedures that are available. Understanding What a Facelift Is Able To Accomplish

Many patients are unaware that a facelift plastic surgery does have its limitations. For instance, a facelift is a cosmetic facial surgery to tighten loose skin and decrease wrinkles. Chiefly on the mid-face to lower face/neck region.

This means that the plastic surgeon will work on improving the facial appearance from about the nasal area and below. In fact, the term facelift can be interchanged with the term neck lift to better understand this procedure’s limitations on upper facial structures like the eyes, brows and forehead.

Can a Facelift or Neck Lift Fix Deep Sagging Jowls?

For many, the first signs of aging tend to be noticeable in individuals that develop deep and/or sagging jowls. This facial feature occurs as gravity pulls down any loose or sagging skin from the jawline to the neck region.

This is often due to genetics, so people who have parents or other close relatives that develop this feature are more likely to develop jowls as well.

Since a facelift can be interchanged with the term neck lift, these procedures are highly effective in fixing this telltale aging sign by stretching and trimming excess jowl/neck skin folds and reattaching to stable facial structures leaving the lower face and neck area smoother and better contoured for a more youthful appearance.

Will a Facelift Fix Droopy Eyelids or Eye Wrinkles?

A facelift alone will not fix each and every aging facial characteristic. Additional facial cosmetic surgeries may also be necessary for things like:

Droopy Eyelids Crows Feet Other Eye Area Wrinkles Fine Lines & Creases

However, plastic surgeons can perform a number of cosmetic eye area procedures that includes a blepharoplasty, or eyelid surgery. And the design of this surgery is specifically to target & repair dropping eyelids & diminish eye wrinkles.

This eyelid cosmetic surgery can take place concurrently with a facelift. Or, it can certainly be a single independent surgery on its own. Therefore, patients who don’t yet need lower face/neck cosmetic repair procedures, are still candidates for a blepharoplasty. In addition, eyelid surgery can also occur with a brow lift procedure.

What Does a Brow Lift Entail?

The term “brow lift” refers to the cosmetic facial procedure that targets the upper face region including the forehead. Many individuals decide to undergo a brow lift to correct deep forehead creases and/or to open up their eye area for a younger and refreshed facial appearance.

When Botox injections no longer resolve aging forehead furrows or wrinkles, some patients opt to undergo a brow lift that serves to elevate or raise the position of their eyebrows that can resolve that tired facial expression that often comes with advancing age.

Many women begin to notice increasing difficulty in applying eye makeup as their brow line droops lower recessing the upper eyelids. A brow lift can dramatically smooth out forehead wrinkles and diminish eyelid drooping and/or eye area wrinkles. Patients can add a brow lift to their upcoming facelift, combine a brow lift with other facial cosmetic surgeries or simply undergo the brow lift procedure alone.

Will a Facelift Change the Appearance of My Nose?

While a facelift can diminish those deep creases that often form near the base of the nasal tips that may extend downward to the outer corners of the lips, a facelift will not change the overall appearance of your natural nose.

Patients who desire to reshape their nose, fix nasal cartilage bumps or otherwise alter the size, shape or unique characteristics of their nose will need to undergo a rhinoplasty.

Can a Facelift Restore Facial Skin Volume & Plumpness?

Individuals often begin to lose their normal facial skin volume due to the natural aging process. Indeed, harsh environmental exposure of the tender skin near the eye/cheek areas also contribute. This can result in deep hollows surrounding the eyes and near/beneath the cheekbones.

Obviously, a facelift alone won’t restore lost facial skin volume. However, plastic surgeons can remove unwanted fat from other areas of the body and transfer this fat to the face. Doing so then plumps up the areas of the face that were lacking. Cosmetic surgeons often perform this surgery at the same time as a facelift. Ultimately successfully restoring  younger, more youthful looking contours to the facial structures.

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