For those who decide to have breast augmentation, some patients are concerned with being "too big" or "too small." Fortunately, breast augmentation surgery is a process. You have multiple factors to weigh before your procedure takes place. Among these factors is choosing the best implant size and shape for your body and your expectations. Most of Zenn Plastic Surgery's breast surgery patients have a preconceived notion of their ideal breast size. But this is a long-term decision. You should thoroughly discuss size with your plastic surgeon and heed their advice. 

Some of the essential factors in your breast expansion decision-making include:

  • Body measurements 
  • Body shape and frame 
  • Age 
  • Lifestyle 
  • Personality

For many women, breast size relates to self-esteem. How you see yourself affects your relationships, physical wellness, career, and socialization. For this reason, we work hard to understand our patient's concerns and answer all of their questions...well before the actual day of surgery. At Zenn Plastic Surgery, we are successful when your breast augmentation surgery goes as planned and you are happy with your result. 

Important Considerations for Your Breast Augmentation Size Choice

Below are some critical factors to guide your decisions about the best implant size. Feel free to talk to Dr. Zenn about these considerations to make your best-informed selection.

Body Measurements

Instead of bra cup sizes like A, B, C, D, and DD, your plastic surgeon sizes your breast implants according to cubic centimeters, commonly called "cc's." While the average breast augmentation implant is 300cc, the actual cup size produced by 300ccs varies according to your body frame, existing breast tissue, and body shape. The same 300cc implant can make one woman a DD cup and another a B cup, so don't get caught up in numbers, brands, or pictures on the internet.

To help you visualize your post-surgical results, you will try various implant sizes in a specially-designed bra as part of your Zenn Plastic Surgery consultation in Raleigh. This experience gives you the best chance to see and feel how the added volume in the breast will look on you. And this alleviates the "too big" and "too small" problem. Too many patients disappointed by their final size had their surgeon decide for them based on their desired cup size – and there is too much variability in cup sizes and body sizes for a surgeon to know what is in your mind's eye. 

Dr. Zenn has had previous experience with various virtual reality software that claim to predict final results. And he continues to be unimpressed with its ability to match post-surgical outcomes realistically. He finds simply putting an implant in a bra and putting a tee shirt over it the best way to see your future.

It is also an essential part of the process that you understand how much volume your body can accommodate when choosing your breast implant. Not everyone can fit certain large-sized implants on their frame; doing this may lead to unnaturally high implants or implants that sit way to the sides of the chest, leaving a large gap between the breasts. 

Dr. Zenn examines your natural breasts and chest to determine a natural-looking fit and will tell you his opinion for your maximum possible size implant. He also considers your body type and makes exact measurements. This examination and these measurements will give you a range of smallest to largest implants to fit your body. And within this range are B, C, and D cups. But you decide based on how you look with implants in your clothes before any surgery.

Body Shape and Frame

It is important to remember that large breasts are heavy, whether the volume is natural or augmented. As a result, you can expect a large breast augmentation to take a physical toll. Large breast augmentation suits women with large frames and heavy chests. While this can give the desired size in clothes, it is essential to remember that, like people with naturally large breasts, you can suffer shoulder pain, back pain, and fatigue over time with the wrong choice.
Your body type and frame also help to decide the projection of your implant, whether "ultra-high" profile, "high" profile, "moderate profile," or "low profile." These "names" are just that and are more of a marketing gimmick. Dr. Zenn will consider the implant's projection measurements and find the best match for your needs.


Your lifestyle, whether active or passive, can also affect decision-making in choosing the best implant size for breast augmentation. Women who are active, athletic, or employed in physically strenuous career fields typically request smaller final cup sizes to maintain their active lifestyles. This is because sometimes larger breasts hinder movement and can cause discomfort when running, lifting, working, or playing sports.
Besides your lifestyle, think about the type of clothing you enjoy wearing. Will these styles work after breast augmentation if you choose a large implant? How much cleavage are you looking for, and how high on your chest would you like your breasts to project? Everyone has their own opinion, and postoperative photos of similar patients, which you will see at your consultation, can help make the decision. It would be best to consider how your new size will work for shirts, swimsuit tops, dresses, and bras.


Your breast size can change how others react to you. While we would all like to think that increased attention is positive, you should weigh how you will feel in these circumstances. If you are a reserved person, extra attention may feel intrusive. For such a person, consider a more subtle increase in breast augmentation that provides natural-looking results. Dr. Zenn will help guide you in your choice.

Your Plastic Surgeon Helps You Make Your Ultimate Choice

You are not alone in making this big decision about the best implant size. During your consultation and before your scheduled surgery, Dr. Zenn of Zenn Plastic Surgery helps you make your selection. He does this by discussing your physical appearance goals, lifestyle, and other factors listed above with you.

You are welcome to bring inspirational photos showing women with the appearance you hope to achieve to your consultation. Of course, it is essential to remember that your frame and body are unique and may be different than the women in the photos. In these cases, expecting the same result as in the pictures is unrealistic. In these circumstances, it helps to select images of women with bodies similar to your own.

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