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Sometimes, bigger isn’t always better. Such is the case for women with naturally large breasts, which not only attract unwanted attention and limit the style of clothing they feel confident wearing but also cause a host of medical problems. Every year, plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Zenn of Zenn Plastic Surgery consults with women who want a breast reduction due to the often painful medical conditions their natural breasts cause. Below is a discussion of 7 of the most common medical problems caused by naturally large breasts.

Persistent Pain

If you have large natural breasts, especially for the size of your frame, they can cause you a lot of pain. In fact, many of the women who come to Dr. Zenn for a breast reduction consultation do so because of the discomfort their large breasts cause. Women with naturally large breasts often complain about neck, shoulder, and back pain. Some women feel generalized pain because of the sheer weight of their breasts.


Large breasts naturally trap moisture underneath them, especially from your body’s sweat. This trapped moisture can lead to skin rashes. Not only can skin rashes be uncomfortable, but they can also lead to infections in some women. Recurrent skin rashes and infections underneath the breasts are so common with large breasts that it is one of the primary reasons many women with large natural breasts seek out Dr. Zenn for their breast reduction procedure.

Shoulder Grooves

Practically every woman understands the struggle of shopping for a perfectly sized and comfortable bra. Still, this process becomes much more complicated if your breasts are huge. When your breasts are extremely large, finding a bra that properly supports them can be impossible. And the chosen bra can lead to painful shoulder grooves and indentations where the bra straps lie over the shoulder, which many women with large breasts complain about.


It’s no secret that your breasts are a sensitive part of your body. But some women experience breast numbness because of the extra weight in their large breasts. Other women experience numbness in other parts of their bodies, such as in their fingers, hands, and arms, because the sheer weight of their breasts compresses nerve pathways. If you are experiencing unexplained numbness in any of these areas, schedule a consultation with Dr. Zenn to see if your breast size is the cause and if a breast reduction could alleviate these symptoms.

Difficulty Or Inability To Exercise

Large breasts can get in the way of your life – literally. Some women have breasts that are so big that it’s difficult or downright impossible for them to maintain a healthy exercise routine. Since exercise is essential to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, this can be a considerable problem for Raleigh women with overly large sagging breasts.

Shortness Of Breath

Large breasts can leave a lot of excess weight on a woman’s chest to carry around all day. While this is uncomfortable, it can also cause unwanted shortness of breath. If you have unexplained shortness of breath that your primary healthcare physician can’t find the cause of and have very large breasts, see a plastic surgeon for evaluation. A breast reduction may alleviate your symptoms.


If you’ve ever experienced a migraine headache, you know you’ll do anything to get rid of it and ensure these headaches never return. Unfortunately, extra large breasts have been linked to causing migraines in certain women. If you have unexplained migraines and very large breasts, it’s possible a breast reduction can help.

When To See Dr. Zenn

Suppose you have huge natural breasts and are experiencing any of these symptoms, or worse, a combination. In that case, we recommend you consult with Dr. Zenn about breast reduction surgery. With over two decades of experience performing breast reductions, Dr. Zenn is a skillful plastic surgeon who can evaluate your unique situation and perform breast reduction surgery to alleviate your problems. 

Thank you for reading “7 Medical Problems Caused by Larger Breasts”. We hope this has helped you! To schedule an initial consultation with Dr. Zenn today, contact Zenn Plastic Surgery at (919) 480-3885.

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