When women come to see Dr. Zenn for a breast augmentation consultation, they’re usually coming because they’ve heard of his reputation. Dr. Zenn has over 25 years of experience performing breast augmentations and is considered a master breast augmentation surgeon by his peers. Because of this, he knows how to best perform breast augmentation surgery. Also, how to minimize those telltale scars that most women would like to do without. Here’s a list of 3 of Dr. Zenn’s tips for minimizing scarring after a breast augmentation surgery:

Pick an Incision Type You’ll Be Happy with

There’s no way for women to get a breast augmentation without it leaving a scar somewhere on their body. But you might be surprised just how experienced plastic surgeons like Dr. Zenn are at hiding these surgical marks. There are four breast incision types for a breast augmentation surgery. You should discuss your options with Dr. Zenn and pick out the best option for you and your unique case.

The Breast Incision Types Are:

Inframammary, in which an incision is made below the breast in the breast crease, where the breast meets the ribcage Periareolar, where an incision is made along the areola, the scar is disguised by the natural coloration difference between your areola and your breast mound Transumbilical, in which a tiny incision is made in your belly button, and then a breast implant is moved via a channel that is created from your abdomen to your breast Transaxillary, an incision that is made in your armpit so that a channel can be made to move your breast implant from underneath your arm to the breast site 

Don’t Hit the Water Until Dr. Zenn Gives You the Go-Ahead

When you’re released home after your breast augmentation surgery, your postoperative nursing team will give you discharge papers with a list of instructions from Dr. Zenn about what you should and shouldn’t do after your surgery. Among these instructions, are when you can take a shower, bath or take a dip in a pool. It’s important to follow these instructions to a “T.” You will be able to shower the next day and should be in the pool within the week. Following Dr. Zenn’s instructions to a “T” is critical because incisions that don’t heal properly often lead to scars that don’t look pretty.

Maintain a Healthy Diet

It’s always important for women to eat healthy diets. After all, you are what you eat! However, there’s never a more important time to eat a balanced diet complete with lots of vitamin E than when you are recovering from surgery. Doing so will help your incisions heal more quickly and more safely. And a well-healed incision most usually looks better in the future as a scar.

Learn More About Healing from a Breast Augmentation Surgery

To sum it all up, the best way to minimize scarring from a breast augmentation surgery is to pick an incision type you’ll be happy with, and make sure said incision heals as quickly and smoothly as possible. To best learn how to aide in proper healing after a breast augmentation, you should speak with Dr. Zenn himself. After all, his years of experience have provided him with a wealth of knowledge about how to get the best possible results.

To schedule an initial consultation at Zenn Plastic Surgery today, contact our office at (919) 480-3885.

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