One of the first places patients start showing signs of aging is their face. Time, gravity, and sun exposure all take their toll, and suddenly, one day, you may look in the mirror and no longer be happy with the reflection that looks back at you. A facelift is a plastic surgery procedure that helps turn back the hands of time by addressing the mid and lower regions of the face. While aging changes are common, expert facelift surgeons are not. The detailed anatomy of the face and technical challenges of facelift surgery demands the surgical excellence and experience of a board-certified plastic surgeon like Michael Zenn, MD. Patients are fortunate to have such an experienced and respected surgeon so close by in Raleigh, technically, Brier Creek. Dr. Zenn's facelift patients enjoy their refreshed, rejuvenated look. They are comforted by his world-class care and attention to detail. 

So what part of the face does a facelift correct?

All About Facelifts – What Part Of The Face Does A Facelift Correct?

Dr. Zenn often hears a common concern when consulting candidates for facelifts. His potential patients want to avoid – at all costs – the telltale, "windblown" look that lets everyone know you've had" work done." Thankfully, with more than two decades of experience, extensive training, and an artist's eye, Dr. Zenn delivers facelift results to his patients that look natural and erase many of the telltale signs of aging. 

When you visit Zenn Plastic Surgery for a facelift consultation, Dr. Zenn will examine your entire face and neck area, even though the traditional facelift is only designed to address the mid to lower regions of the face. Dr. Zenn knows from experience that most candidates want to improve their overall appearance but may not be aware of other potential plastic surgery facial procedures to address their concerns. Not to worry. Your consultation is an opportunity to get to know Dr. Zenn, discuss your problem areas and concerns, and become educated about which procedures might be right for you, given your unique desires and anatomy.

With a traditional facelift, Dr. Zenn will hide incisions in natural creases and your hairline. Dr. Zenn believes that if you see noticeable facelift scars on somebody, they are usually a result of poor surgical technique, often a result of lack of experience. Dr. Zenn prefers to work his magic by deeply supporting the face and adding back volume lost with fat grafting. Unlike others, he does not rely on pulling the skin back. Dr. Zenn's facelift results are natural, and his plastic surgery closures leave beautiful scars.

During A Typical Facelift Surgery, Dr. Zenn Performs The Following Techniques:

Lifts and reposition sagging facial tissues and support systems of the face to give you a more youthful look. Harvests unwanted fat from areas of your body to replace lost volume in portions of your face. Gently redrapes the lax skin over the new shape and structure and only removes skin that is not needed. No pulling back and distorting the face!

Potential Additional Procedures

Because Dr. Zenn cares deeply about addressing all your aesthetic needs, he may suggest additional procedures to give you the overall look you desire. These include:
A brow lift to lift your eyebrows to a more youthful and natural-looking position. Upper blepharoplasty to remove unwanted skin and fat or the addition of fat grafts to "empty" orbits. Lower blepharoplasty to address drooping lids, lower eyelid bags, or excess skin and fat. Replenishing the volume of the cheek with fat grafts is also possible.

Schedule A Facelift Consultation With Dr. Zenn

If you're no longer happy with the tired older man or woman you see in the mirror, schedule a facelift consultation with Dr. Zenn. He will give you a thorough examination to determine if additional procedures are necessary to provide you with your ultimate dream results.

Contact Zenn Plastic Surgery at (919) 480-3885 to make your appointment.

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