Many women who are planning to have a breast augmentation often do a lot of online research in preparation for their surgery. One of the biggest questions women face is how to choose the right breast implant size for their body. Also, too many women go into their surgery wondering if the size they are choosing is too large or too small. Or even that their surgeon will “decide for them” in surgery. Dr. Zenn has helped thousands of women through this exact conversation, and he knows how to help you make the best decision to get your desired look. Also, keep reading as we give you 5 tips on choosing the right breast implant size.

1. Consider How You Want Your New Breasts To Look

Knowing how you want your breasts to look will help you and Dr. Zenn decide on the right breast implant size. Do you want to get back to your pre-pregnancy breasts? Are you tired of being so small and want to just fill out a bra for once in your life, without padding? Or have your breasts began to sag and droop from breastfeeding or weight changes? Also, having a good idea of your desired final outcome is one of the most helpful things you can do when choosing breast implant size. And bringing pictures from magazines or online can help direct your consultation.

2. Make Sure Your New Breasts Are A Good Choice For Your Lifestyle

Are you an athlete? Do you still want to have children? Are you overweight? Do you plan to lose weight? All of these things factor into choosing the right breast implant size. Also, this is a decision that will impact your life now and will have implications well into the future. For instance, if you are a woman who plans to have children in the immediate future, it would be best to wait to have your breast augmentation until you’re done with your pregnancy and breastfeeding.

The current state of your weight and goals for weight is also critical. If you are in the process of losing weight, it is likely you will lose weight in your breasts as well. Therefore, you should wait to have your breast augmentation until after you’ve hit your ideal body weight so your breasts will not change in size and your result can be more long-lasting.

3. Be Sure You Choose Breast Implants That Fit Your Body Type

Dr. Zenn’s breast augmentation patients are thoroughly educated in the breast augmentation process and specific recommendations are made based on your unique anatomy. Too many plastic surgeons use the same technique and implant on everyone. However, there is more to breast augmentation than just larger breasts. Also, Dr. Zenn is well versed in all the possible techniques of augmentation and is an artist whose goal is to give each of his patients the most beautiful breasts possible.   This unique combination of surgical skill and artistry explains why patients seek him out to perform their procedure. Also, Dr. Zenn strongly believes that he and his patients are partners in this endeavor and he will work with you to choose the best size for you. You will leave the consultation confident of the choice of implant and choice of a surgeon!

4. Get Input From Friends You Trust

Having a spouse, significant other, or trusted friend with you during your consultation is always a good idea. They can support you and provide you with a different perspective on which breast implant size is right for you. Also, some people have a hard time deciding and you always have the opportunity to try implant on as many times as you like. Once you decide, you will not wake up from surgery “too big” or “too small” because you made the decision.

5. Work With An Experienced Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Zenn is an internationally renowned plastic surgeon and over his 25 years in practice has performed all types of breast augmentation procedures for all shapes and sizes of women. He is board-certified and has been named one of the “Best Doctors In America” for many years. Also, his textbook on plastic surgery is required reading for plastic surgeons in the U.S. and around the world. He is the clear choice when it comes to experience. Let Dr. Zenn give you the look you desire.

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