As one of the country's most experienced board-certified plastic surgeons, Dr. Michael Zenn knows how to provide his facelift patients with subtle, natural-looking results. To ensure you have the best surgical experience from start to finish, it's essential to consider your facelift recovery.

After years of sun exposure, weight fluctuations, and the general ebb and flow of life, your facial appearance may not be everything you want it to be. Every year, Dr. Zenn sees patients who want to look the way they feel inside – young and full of life. A facelift targets the aesthetic concerns that patients have in their mid-to-lower faces. To provide a rejuvenated look, Dr. Zenn will eliminate excess skin, restore youthful fullness to features, and re-support the face's underlying structure. He often includes fat injections with facelifts to restore lost volume. Does that sound like what you may be envisioning?

Excellent! Now it's Facelift Prep time. Read on to learn critical post-facelift tips.

We Want Your Facelift Recovery To Be Streamlined & Successful

That's why we've put together some tips you can follow during Facelift Recovery.


Rest is possibly the most important thing you can do during your facelift recovery. While patients heal at different rates, most should plan at least two weeks off from work and social engagements. This will ensure you don't feel pressured to get back to your normal daily activities before you should.

While you're at home, make sure to sleep on your back with your head elevated on a pillow. This will help decrease any swelling or bruising you experience after your facelift. Books on tape are awesome to get through the long boring days!


Part of resting during your facelift recovery means you'll need to call in help from friends or family. You shouldn't exert yourself during the first week or two after your facelift. Therefore, you'll need someone to help care for your children, prepare meals, and possibly do light cleaning or laundry. Now is not the time to feel guilty! You'll need help, so ask for it in advance. If you don't live near family, consider employing a babysitter or housekeeper while you recover.


Most people get bored during this recovery period. The surgery is not painful, and most patients do not need pain medication other than Tylenol or Aleve. If a patient is overly active during this time, it can cause extra swelling in the area of surgery. This is bad because you want to be back in action as quickly as possible, and swelling can prevent that. Listen to your body and rest. Turn off your email and social media. Relax!


After your facelift, you will have a compression garment on your face. This is meant to control swelling. However, you can still gently apply ice to the areas of your face you feel are swelling. This will help decrease this side effect and aid in your recovery. 

Dr. Zenn Can Turn Back The Hands Of Time 

Do you have more questions about facelift recovery and what to expect? Schedule a consultation with Dr. Michael Zenn in Raleigh, NC. His extensive knowledge of and experience with intricate facial anatomy and advanced surgical techniques is one reason he was named Top Cosmetic Doctor and Top Cancer Specialist by Castle Connolly in 2018. There is truly no better choice for your facelift procedure than Dr. Zenn.


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