Published March 2012 Thieme Publishers

Published March 2012
Thieme Publishers

Reconstructive Surgery: Anatomy Technique, and Clinical Applications

This textbook by Drs. Michael Zenn and Glyn Jones is the classic resource for reconstructive surgeons. This definitive publication captures the anatomy and technique of reconstructive surgery highlighted with clinical applications, dissection techniques, expert commentary, and pearls and pitfalls. The result is a comprehensive work on reconstructive surgery that is current, clinically relevant, and filled with valuable insights that change the way reconstructive surgery is practiced. 

The authors chose a select group of internationally recognized contributors who provide expert commentary and clinical cases on each reconstructive flap. Many of the cases presented in the book are reconstructive cases performed by Dr. Zenn.

The book is a 1,992 page two volume work with approximately 4000 illustrations and 4 DVDs showcasing dissections by Dr. Zenn demonstrating the major procedures.

Video: Listen to Dr. Zenn discuss his book

Book Chapters by Dr. Zenn