Plastic surgery can be an answer to the physical changes caused by the enemies weight gain, gravity, and time.  For others, it can be the solution to something that was never right.   The most successful plastic surgery happens when a person desiring a change is also a good candidate for a procedure that can make that change.  The unhappy patient is often one who had a procedure for which they were not prepared for, had a procedure they were not really a candidate for in the first place, or had a procedure to fix a problem that was not a physical one.

I am fortunate to be a plastic surgeon who has worked at the premier hospitals in the country, including the Massachusetts General Hospital(Harvard), Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, the New York Hospital (Cornell), UNC Hospital in Chapel Hill, and Duke University Medical Center.  From these experiences over the past 30 years  I have experienced first-hand what excellence looks like and strive every day to embody that level of excellence in my private practice.

My promise to you as my patient is that I can offer you the safest and most effective means to achieve your goals.    My patients are happy because they are receiving the highest quality plastic surgery.   They are good candidates for their procedure.  They have reasonable expectations about our goals for surgery and the final result.  Most importantly, they feel truly cared for as a person.

I have been in plastic surgery long enough to have seen others come and go and to have trained many of the plastic surgeons in the area. My success in plastic surgery has come one patient at a time and I have performed tens of thousands of surgeries.   The only way I can look good is if you look good and are happy with your result.  My patients have been and always will be my best advertising.

Michael R. Zenn, MD, FACS, MBA

Michael R. Zenn, MD, FACS, MBA

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